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Holy $@%&.

2009-10-20 15:07:45 by chunkycheese12

Almost a year. I haven't been here in a LONG time. Well I have, just flash has been gathering cobwebs and dust while photoshop has even been used more (by the way any art you want to see off me - which mind you may be rare as well as flash - can be found at I just wanted post to make sure you get the idea of whats happening, what i'm doing/not doing. Firstly, Nothing is getting promised. Due to school work and all that, with the fact that my laptop REALLY needs sorting, i am busy most of the time. But, in any free time when i can be bothered i will be working on new art and flash for you all to enjoy. Secondly, I'd like to commnt on my Platformer Tutorial. As some may have already gathered, am no longer answereing your questions. I knonw the tutorial isn't the best, and I understand now how unclar it can be, but as I have said I am too busy to answer 23 messages(thats how many i got in the past 2 weeks, a lot for an old tutorial for AS2 :/). So, let me repeat that.

I will NOT be answering any messages regarding the platformer tutorial.

Now, I'd like to provide you with what I am(once again, no promises) and what I amno longer working on:

What I may be working on

- The Big Actionscript tutorial(If i can bring myself to finish the advanced section).
- Smiley avoider 3 (This has currently only begun development).
- MAYBE a stick fight is in the works(I just need a bit practice into animating again).
- Another project that will be revealed if it sets off.

I have said my piece. Hopefully i'll be seeing you around much more now, so keep a look out on this page for more information....and things.

EDIT: On a side note, as I seem to be struggling by myself, I could do with some ideas for the advanced section of the tutorial - please post any suggestions you may have, as I have a week off now so I may be able to actually complete it...? Thanks :).

It's christmas in 2 days! I'm really excited, I can't wait to see what I get XD. Just 2 days from now, it's come really fast for me, it's been a great and fast year. Next year will be hard, I'm in year 9 so it's hard work now. Not as much as if they still had the SATS, but I can see a lot busyier year coming. I also wont release things for the sake of it, like my Demo Reel, FBF Compilation etc, I released them because it was somethign I actually finished. I'll only be releasing work that i'm truly proud of. There will be a few games out next year too, I've got a lot of cool ideas :).

My main project at the moment is a tutorial, which will contain over 25 topics on different subjects for game development. It's huge so far, I can't wait to release it! It's probably around 70-80% done. It covers some subjects which are NO WHERE(e.g fighting games...seriously, there's about 2 of those and they're bad in my opinion). I started around 4 months ago, but did the menu and 2 subjects in 1 night, and forgot about it after. I came across it about 1 or 2 months ago and I've been working on it since. It would be released by now if my laptop wasn't so slow(I wish i was allowed flash on my dad's desktop, would be a lot faster). I estimate it finishing around Febuary(i'm NOT promising), with a lot of shtuff to lern :|P.

I hope you all have a great christmas this year, and a happy new year :D.

Even More Stuff!

2008-10-29 17:59:37 by chunkycheese12

Time for a new post.

I recently submitted The Fighting Game Collab, then began The Minigame Madness Collab! Join now! I also showed you a Demo Reel of my new stuff, go see it here! I also joined the Many Mario's Collab, keep an eye out for it ;D. I'm also making a platformer, more info as it gets further in production! Christmas is coming, i want Guitar Hero 4 and Dead Rising: Chop Till' You Drop, and thats about it. Oh, and a tablet, i'm saving up for a Wacom Bamboo one(Please tell me if there's a better one around it's price range). I also might have another, bigger tutorial in mind, and yes it's a hell of a lot bigger already :D. I think thats about it for now. If another paragraph below appears, it's the stuff I missed :).

Does no one understand music? Seriously, people think slipknot are emo, they argue that MCR are NOT emo(lolwut!?!?!), and even think THE KILLERS(now come on...) are METAL(wtf!?!!!!?!?!?!!!?). UNDERSTAND MUSIC PLEASE KTHXBYE.

Oh yeah, christmas in 6 days :D.

Lots of news!

2008-08-30 15:29:16 by chunkycheese12

Here i'm gonna have a BIG FAT UBER post to let you in on all my projects and what i'm up to. Lets get started.


At the moment, im working on a cool pong game - but with a twist. I'm not revealing anything yet, except its name. I'm going to call it Pong EXTREME! Next, i'm working on my fighting game collab part. It is almost complete, just need to remove some major bugs. Then i need finish up the collab by compiling it. Soon I will be bringing back the LTH series. What i'm going to plan to do, is recreate Episode 1 with episode 2 attatched to make it longer, and make it to the best of my abilities(i'm a lot better with sprites than what i was then). I MIGHT remove the original, but i might keep for 'old time sakes' or whatever. Phew


I don't have many plans in music, i might make something new soon. Lordeath has been making some awesome music for the one day collab series (yep, i'm calling it a series and plan a 3rd one).

Other Stuff

I'm getting back to school next week (yay ¬_¬) so i might get some prjects done a little slower. Hopefully around next monday i'll be getting a flash book on how to make wii compatible games. So i might have some games in plan then. I think this is everything i'm doing. If i miss anything, i'll put it in the paragraph below(yes, i'm that sad lol). Oh, and i watched Hellboy 2 (rly gd woop)Wow longest post evar XP.

Missed Stuff

I didn't miss this, but i'm so happy!!! On my platformer tut, I got my first award :D. Go check it out and reccomend for the tutorial collection please :)


The One Day Collab II And Other Stuff

2008-08-20 15:35:23 by chunkycheese12

Heres the heads up thread if you want to join: 6175/2

Also, i havent brought this up in a while. Mario Flash RPG. Well, i'm still working on it a bit, zombiesurfer is now collaborating with me on it. I'm currently improving the battle system. And thats about it. Yeah.


1 Day Collab

2008-07-23 14:52:57 by chunkycheese12

New post already?

Anyway, today i posted a thread for a 1 Day Collab. Your task is to make an animation about space in 1 day. You can find the thread here: 3301


NewgrounDS Is Here!

2008-07-21 12:00:42 by chunkycheese12

I've made a new submission which i'm quite pleased with. It'll probably get a crap score or even blammed, so watch it NOW!!!!


Oh yeah, and i've already started working on the sequel, NewgrounDS Lite! Below is an attatched picture of the POSSIBLE DS. Feedback please.

NewgrounDS Is Here!

New Stuff!

2008-05-16 14:54:25 by chunkycheese12

I thought it was time for a new post. Anyway, recently i found a wacom tablet, thats been helping. I've also been addicted guitar hero 3(god its fun). Well, this is the most personalish post i've had. But no one cares :P.


Recently i've been involved in a couple of collabs. This includes:

The Fighting Game Collab(made by me :D)
The Orange Box Collab(made by assasinrabbit)
Super Smash Brawl Fight Collab(made by YK-Blaze)
GTA Collab(made by assasinrabbit)

After these i'm going to stop joining collabs and get some solo projects done. Also, i'm collaboraing with greenkupo and his freind :). SO look out for them, better yet - join some of them ^_^

Solo Projects

Switch (A physics puzzle game) (5 level DEMO)
Mario Flash RPG( an RPG lol)
Half Life: The flash version ( will have different name, dont know yet)

Thats about it ppl. Yay long post. Thanks for reading ALL of this :)

Even though you probably haven't ;)

EDIT: Submitted something, check it out!
EDIT 2: Wow, im a town watch now. Awesome.
EDIT 3: The orange box collab is here! What are you waiting for? WATCH IT!!!!!!!!11ONEONE

New header!

2008-03-27 10:43:33 by chunkycheese12

New header!(look above).
Also, anyone who said b4 that my B.A is lower than 3, it is now 4.19(epicness :D). So that means teh fighting game collab MUST live :D

EDIT: I've got a new picture and a 46x46 icon(don't ask about that one, i was bored :P
EDIT NUMBAH 2: WOO 15 comments and its news post 15...heh, like anybody cares lol

dont ask...
Also, dont forget about the fighting game collab!

Glitch in my candy rampage game...somehow